Long Beach

Long Beach at Kennedy Plaza: Wednesdays & Saturdays, 1 West Chester Street, Long Beach

Wednesdays Starting May 4th, Saturdays Starting May 7th
Hours: 9am to 2pm


Islip Town Hall Parking Lot - 655 Main Street, Montauk Highway, Route 27A

Saturdays Starting May 28th
Hours: 7am to Noon

Rocky Point

Prince Street (Off Broadway)

Sundays Starting May 29th
Hours: 8am to 1pm

Kings Park

Municipal lot on 25A (Across from the fire station)

Sundays Starting June 5th
Hours: 9am to 2pm


Main Street Rt. 25A, East of Rt. 110 North

Sundays Starting May 29th
Hours: 7am to Noon

Doing what’s right for our cattle and land is the way we do business.
It produces the healthiest animals and the best tasting beef there is.

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First of all, there are a few prevailing medical myths that we have to deconstruct. Analysis of the studies used to indict fat as bad have revealed the faulty reasoning and bad science that went into the wrong thinking. We now are stuck with the fault “lipid hypothesis” which basically states that a diet high in saturated fats causes elevated blood cholesterol. Today, study after study shows that this is just not true. We now find that the healthiest people in the world use a cuisine based on eating good natural animal fats! These people have virtually no heart attacks nor build up of plaque in their arteries. READ MORE